For all of us there are times when we long for a fresh start, to stand on new ground where the view is full of hope and promise about ourselves and those we love.  This yearning is especially true for those individuals and couples struggling with the effects of pornography addiction and other forms of sexual addiction and sexual compulsion. Rest assured that help is available through counseling which targets these kinds of afflictions even if you reside in a remote area or somewhere where in-person sexual addiction counseling is not available.

I am a Certified Sexual Addiction Therapist (CSAT), certified Emotional Focus Couples Therapist (EFT), and certified EMDR therapist specializing in treating individuals struggling with sexual addiction or pornography addiction and their spouses/partners. These specialties have proven to be especially key in providing healing not just to the addict and his/her partner, but also to their relationship. I have also been trained in LifeSpan Integration Therapy and Internal Family Systems Therapy which are highly effective in clearing the trauma involved with this addiction.

At Healing Vistas the goal is to provide therapy to individuals and couples for whom in-person counseling is not a possibility either because of their location or other circumstances.  This is accomplished through secure encrypted video conferencing and has proven to be very effective.  This was tested and proven throughout the COVID-19 crisis when telehealth was the only mode of therapy available.

As is the case with all forms of effective counseling the focus of our online counseling is on ensuring that each person experiences a compassionate, supportive, and non-judgemental environment.  This may include individual therapy, marriage therapy, couples counseling, or group therapy.  The goal is to bring relief to the immediate concerns of each individual, as well as provide skills to deal with underlying deeper issues that need to be healed to ensure lasting recovery and resilience.  In addition, since the devastating affects of this addiction have usually been born alone in isolation, one of the highest priorities is to help each person develop a network of support which will provide encouragement, understanding and reinforcement throughout the recovery process.

Early morning, evening and Saturday online counseling sessions are available for client convenience.  Please note that state laws limit online therapy sessions to just the states where the therapist is licensed.  I am licensed in both Utah and Massachusetts.  If you live in either of those states, please call me or e-mail me for a consultation about how you can begin your fresh start.

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